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Askham Bryan College
January 9, 2016 5:52 pm
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At Askham Bryan College we offer courses which specialise in tree surgery practices; arboriculture, which is the science and practice of producing and managing trees and shrub

Askham Bryan College

At Askham Bryan College we offer courses which specialise in tree surgery practices; arboriculture, which is the science and practice of producing and managing trees and shrubs in both urban and rural locations. Arboriculture is the ultimate challenge for those wanting an exciting, varied and fulfilling career.

A developing industry with international career possibilities, arboriculture demands focused, highly motivated individuals to perform specialised tasks as part of a team. This specialism offers you the opportunity to gain essential skills in exciting and challenging areas, such as chainsaw use and learning to climb trees to a professional standard.

Practical training is enhanced by science-based studies while also gaining underpinning knowledge of tree and plant biology and woodland management. Students will learn a range of other vital skills including tree and plant identification, pest and disease identification, survey and inspection skills and a broad knowledge of health and safety legislation. This combination gives students a broad range of knowledge and skills, essential to becoming a credible and successful practitioner.


To support learning we have extensive facilities including a fantastic tree collection and access to woodland gardens and native woodlands. We also have excellent laboratory facilities, maintenance workshops and specialist industry equipment. There are numerous opportunities to work off-site with partner organisations allowing on the job training and development of interpersonal as well as vocational skills. Off-site work provides broader opportunities and experiences which enhance learner development in the real world. You will be working with chainsaws from Stihl and Husqvarna allowing practice and awareness with differing configurations, application and purpose. A range of larger machinery is used for timber processing, stump management and forestry extraction, hire machinery allows access to up-to-date equipment.


By studying in this department you will learn the relevant skills to work in the following roles:

  • Junior arborist with local authorities, private estates or landscaping companies
  • Tree surgery contracting with opportunities world-wide
  • Tree officer
  • Self-employment or own business
  • Local authority consultant
  • Contract management
  • Botanic gardens or arboretum curator
  • Research and development in horticulture and landscape industries
  • Working for botanical gardens such as with the National Trust, English Heritage or the Royal Horticultural Society
  • International opportunities especially in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand


On-the-job learning is a key part of our students’ development as this provides skills consolidation in real-life situations. We have wide industry links with a number of key organisations for work experience, demonstrations and recruitment. Partner organisations provide access to their facilities including Beaver Plant, Orange Plant, Thorpe Trees, Wykeham Estates, The National Trust, Forest of Leeds and more.

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