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Branch Walkers Tree Services
December 9, 2015 4:35 pm
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FLS Tree Care Ltd offers this service to the public and commercial sectors, that’s why many people look to us when considering to have work undertaken on their trees. With over 14 years within the i

Branch Walkers Tree Services

FLS Tree Care Ltd offers this service to the public and commercial sectors, that’s why many people look to us when considering to have work undertaken on their trees. With over 14 years within the industry we have been able to gain high level of experience that helps towards the understanding of different circumstances that we may come across.
Along with experience, we have gained a number of qualifications to help build our understanding and respect for trees. All employees are NPTC qualified. FLS Tree Care Ltd is always ensuring that we are continually updated with new practices to help us continually provide the highest professional standard of work.
However the client needs to have peace of mind, therefore we have full public liability insurance (available on request). At FLS Tree Care we work to a high standard of health and safety, following HSE guidelines and undertaking comprehensive method statements and risk assessment.

Tree Surgeons South Wales

Tree Pruning,
Tree Dismantling,
Hedge maintenance,
Tree planting,
Forestry and Conservation works
Stump grinding
Knot weed control
FLS tree care Ltd is based in Blackwood a small town on the Caerphilly/Newport border and is therefore able to cover a wide area of the South of Wales. We are happy to deal with any size commercial or domestic enquiry.
All of our staff are highly trained and the company meets the demands of all Health & Safety Legislation. by working closely to industry standard BS3998 2010 we aim to deliver the highest quality, with full £5 million Public and £10 million employers Liability Insurance we can offer peace of mind to the client.
Tree pruning

We offer a pruning service that has an understanding of tree biology and can maintain good tree health, We offer free advice based on industry best Tree pruning can consist of the following:
Crown reduction – Reduces the air space occupied by the crown but Maintaining natural tree shapes.
Crown spread reduction – Used for balancing and often for clearance for utility lines.
Crown lifting – The removal of lower limbs to prevent contact with traffic and clearance for pedestrians.
Crown thinning – The selective removal of branches to resistance to Strong winds. Crown thinning may be carried out to admit more air and light into and through the canopy.
Crown clean – Removal of dead dangerous or crossing branches within the tree.
Formative pruning- aim to produce a tree which in maturity will be free from major physical weaknesses
Tree removal

FLS Tree Care are specialists in the removal of trees and are able to remove all sizes and species of trees safely, efficiently and under difficult and demanding surroundings. Trees shall be assessed and then can be removed either by sectional dismantling, directional felling, via specialist winch operations or the use of cranes.
Hedge lines

Hedges can be trimmed throughout spring and summer to maintain a manageable height and width. Vigorous conifers need trimming two or more times a year. A final cut during mid to late August should deter excessive regrowth in autumn, resulting in a sharper silhouette throughout winter. Height reduction can be carried out in spring removing no more than one- third of the overall hedge height.
A well trimmed hedge is wider at the bottom and smaller at the top, (triangle shaped) this helps the hedge to get sunlight evenly on all sides of the trees.
The hedgeline should be inspected thoroughly before trimming to ensure there is no nesting birds it is an offence under the Wildlife and country side act 1981 to damage a nest of a wild bird while it is in use or being built.
FLS Tree Care operatives HAVE THE SKILL, EQUIPMENT and INSURANCE to Carry out all manner of hedge work, whether its to reduce, trim or maintain Hedges and screens.
Tree planting

Commercial Tree and shrub planting- FLS has planted over 20,000 trees over the last 3years, we offer a full package, starting with Planning, collection and storage of locally sourced trees, planting teams and follow up maintenance.
Residential tree Planting- Planting trees is an easy and effective way to improve your property, provide shade in summer and wind protection in winter and enhance privacy all while increasing the value of your property. Since a tree is such a visible part of the landscape care must be taken to ensure proper growth conditions are maintained. With good planning however, with some advance planning, trees too can be easily maintained.
Stump grinding

Tree stumps of all sizes can be removed using our specialist tree stump grinding equipment. The tree stump is ground down normally to a depth of between 6″ to 10″ below ground level. The resulting hole can be top soiled and turfed seeded or mulched
Invasive Weeds

We offer a range of services from surveys, advice, license applications, along with trained operatives to deal with all locations. we can treat
Japanese Knotweed
Giant Hog weed
Himallayan Balsam
Or treat unwanted regrowth.

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