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Informed Tree Services Ltd
January 9, 2016 11:31 am
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Informed Tree Services Ltd (ITS) is a specialist Tree surgery (Arboricultural) Training and Consultancy company (Scotland). Key Words: Chainsaw training; Tr

Informed Tree Services Ltd

Informed Tree Services Ltd (ITS) is a specialist Tree surgery (Arboricultural) Training and Consultancy company (Scotland).

Key Words: Chainsaw training; Tree surveys; Accident investigation; Tree Climbing; Expert witnesses services; Tree inspection training.

Background: With over a two decades experience in professional tree management, we are well placed to provide the premium arboricultural service in Scotland. So why not let us help you with your training needs or tree survey?

Training: ITS Ltd run a full programme of chainsaw training courses, tree climbing courses and all the associated chainsaw related training a typical tree surgeon would require. Based in Hamilton we are uniquely positioned to serve tree surgeons in Central Scotland. So if looking for quality training to national standards in:

  • Tree surgery
  • Felling small trees
  • Felling medium trees
  • Felling Large trees
  • Severing individual windblown trees
  • Severing multiple windblown trees
  • Wood chipping
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree climbing
  • Chainsaw from rope and harness
  • Sectional dismantling
  • Tree pruning
  • Mobile elevated work platforms
  • Tree Inspection professional
  • Tree Inspection basic
  • Pesticide applicationITS Ltd provide quality tree related training. What makes us different, from our competitors? We provide very competitively priced training, of course, but what’s more we never have any hidden costs, the price you see is the price you pay for your chainsaw course/climbing course. No hire fees, no hidden assessment costs. We also guarantee end on assessment.Or perhaps you require detailed and objective reports on tree condition?

    Tree Surveys: ITS Ltd specialise in providing concise and clear BS 5837: 2012 “Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – recommendations” reports in support of planning applications. We are well known by local authorities and have a reputation for providing professional accurate reports.

    Expert Witness Services: ITS Ltd are the only arboricultural consultancy, in Scotland, that are members of the ”Expert Witness Institute”. We have experience dealing with industrial accident investigation, fatalities involving tree failure, structural damage and damage to trees by third parties.

    ITS Ltd can provide:

    • BS:5837 2012 reports
    • Objective expert witness reporting for court proceedings
    • Accident investigation
    • Hazard tree assessment reports
    • Picus tomograph surveys
    • Resistograph surveys
    • Planting proposals
    • Woodland management plans
    • Construction site tree management and supervision
    • Health and safety audits
    • LOLER (Lifting operations and lifting equipment regs) Inspections
    • Tree database creation
    • Mapping
    • Root protection area plans (Tree constraints plan)
    • Tree shade modelling, etc.

    So whether you are looking for the best chainsaw training, tree climbing course or the best tree survey/tree report, in Scotland, browse our pages – you’re sure to find just what you need.

    We look forward to doing business with you.

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Phone 01698 428603
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