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Mole Valley Farmers
December 1, 2015 6:35 am
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Mole Valley Farmers began life more than 50 years ago, when a group of farmers from the South Molton area created an agricultural buying-group. By 2015, the success of this early enterprise has resul

Mole Valley Farmers

Mole Valley Farmers began life more than 50 years ago, when a group of farmers from the South Molton area created an agricultural buying-group. By 2015, the success of this early enterprise has resulted in the Mole Valley Farmers family of companies becoming a leading agricultural supply business spanning the length of Britain, with holdings in Wales and more recently Scotland. This includes ten Mole Valley Farmers branches and three Bridgman’s stores across the South West, 38 Mole Country Stores, two Cox & Robinson farm direct outlets in the South and East of England, and 11 manufacturing sites across England, and Scotland.

Last year the company’s total turnover was £422.5 million and it employed 2100 staff.

As UK agriculture continues to consolidate, Mole Valley Farmers are committed to ensuring greater choice, protecting farming members from the impact of fewer suppliers and the threat of higher costs. They also aim to offer high levels of customer service and the widest range of keenly priced, quality products.

Mole Valley Farmers has reward schemes for both Farmer and Country Members, which offer a mix of special discounts and end-of-year trading awards.

The company puts excellent customer care at the heart of the business. Employees are encouraged to ‘go the extra mile’ for customers, resulting in greater staff satisfaction, which in turn helps the company to stand out from its competitors.

Commercial Director Keith Ockenden explains:

“The Mole Valley Farmers family of companies is about providing services to help farmers improve their productivity and profitability. To this end, several initiatives have taken place regarding veterinary, nutrition, feed, distribution and logistics. For thousands of farmers we are already the supplier of choice and therefore we must ensure our standards, knowledge and service levels exceed their expectations.”


Over the last few years Mole Valley Farmers has improved its agricultural services in manufacturing, procurement, logistics, feed ingredients, and supplements, expanding animal nutrition, health, veterinary services and grassland production. This has allowed the company to be more innovative in research and development.
Mole Valley Forage Services now have a team of grassland specialists across the south west and Wales, assisting farming members improve their grass production and efficiency – a key constituent of on-farm profitability. The company continues to invest in product development regarding speciality fertilisers and crop nutrition.
The company is now partnered with a well-established and respected feed business in Ayr, Scotland, extending the Feed Solutions business into south west Scotland and distribution across northern and southern Scotland. This is the first ruminant feeds mill to be built in the UK in the last 25 years.
Farmers welcomed a unique netwrap crop packaging product introduced last year, named ‘Performance HD’. The company also launched ‘Shield Timber’, an industry-first fencing stake with a 15 year warranty for both products and consequential loss. Other vital agricultural lines included galvanised feeding equipment, animal health and dairy hygiene. The reformulation and re-launch of Mole Valley Farmers’ own brand dairy chemical range has ensured excellent value for money.

Veterinary Services

A Joint Venture Partnership with St David’s Farm Veterinary Services has enabled the company to establishing additional Molecare large animal practices across the Mole Valley Farmers area. Already, Molecare Farm Vets in Frome, Somerset and South Molton in north Devon have recorded increases in the use of its services. Meanwhile Molecare Pet Vets, a small animal practice is located at Newton Abbot, Devon.
Molecare Laboratory Services process and evaluate faecal egg counts, and further expansion of these services is envisaged.
Mole Valley Farmers has also produced its own, branded animal medicines, bringing a keen competitive edge to the industry.


Many farmers and other customers have chosen to future-proof their power supplies and ensure a regular income by adopting alternative energy sources. Mole Valley Farmers believes the future remains positive for renewable energy, and continues to offer tried and trusted products in what can be a volatile market place.
Overall the demand for solar products continues, despite the perception by some that reduced feed-in tariffs Solar PV is no longer viable. On the contrary, with equipment prices reducing and the long term outlook for electricity increasing, the return on investment still merits consideration.
To date the majority of installations have been to farmers ranging from dairy producers through to soft fruit growers. However, given the diversity of our Country membership, alternative energy sources have also been supplied to carp fishponds, wedding venues, holiday lets and schools.

Mole Valley Plus

This department ensures that members benefit from keen prices across a range of products and services not typically supplied through the rural stores. Members ring in, explain what goods or services they require, and the Mole Valley Plus team get to work identifying the keenest prices from participating businesses. The category most accessed is typically fuel, with aggregates, concretes, tyres and hire tools also proving popular.

Farm Buildings

The farm buildings, fabrication and timber wholesale business achieved record sales in 2014. This dedicated team has been successful in achieving the new CE standard for building design which specifies a higher level of structural integrity, fully complying with new European legislation.

Rural Stores

Its reputation for value is one of Mole Valley Farmers’ key strengths. During the past year the Mole CountryStores format has been rolled out to what had previously been SCATS Countrystores. This has included an improved store layout, many with a dedicated Farm Services Area plus more efficient service locations.
Many branches now have a food and drink section, featuring local produce which is often sourced from Mole Valley Farmers agricultural customers, in a ‘plough to plate’ initiative.
The company also has its ‘No Bull’ line – a robust, no frills work clothes and footwear brand.
With convenience becoming more important, all Mole Valley Farmers and most Mole Country Stores are open from 10.00am to 4.00pm on Sundays.


An independent customer assessment programme launched last year via Trusted Shops, asked customers to rate service, delivery and the quality of products supplied online. The average performance was an impressive ‘Excellent’ for 4.8 stars out of 5. As customer habits change and technologies evolve, Mole Valley Farmers continues to improve these services, offering a convenient on-line option.


The business is well placed for the future.

The priorities continue to be investment in core business activities and the nurturing of values that set the company apart from its competitors. Agriculture is changing quickly, therefore Mole Valley Farmers needs to constantly adapt to meet customer needs, and retain its position as a leading agricultural supply business.

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